YOIOMI Headlines. Our 1st font.

YOIOMI Headlines banner. YOIOMI Studio 2020.
YOIOMI Headlines banner. YOIOMI Studio 2020.

The Origin

Entering 2020, no one probably expected so many surprises. The reality has changed so radically before our eyes that it took our breath away and we covered our faces with the impression that our jaws would not fall too close to the floor. Many things radically stopped. We hid in homes awaiting the end of a media storm, staring at the chaotic design of a new reality tailored to science non-fiction.

YOIOMI Typeface vs pandemic.
2020 brings great anxiety. Time to file the letter.

The Art of Riposte

What to do in this case? Does a physically incapacitated person feel so powerless? You would have to file a letter! However, maybe the opportunity arises to finally design the lettering? After all, writing can affect so many things! Can change the perception and sequence of events. Finally, information was sent to us through the lettering about all these revelations in the world. So let’s go! In the image of Ju-jitsu we will use the opponent’s strength. We will respond with our own signaling!

YOIOMI Headlines font Title Case
YOIOMI Headlines font Title Case

Helpful Restrictions

Somewhere between the projects, which, despite everything, were moving forward, and with the help of masks in graphic programs achieved the appearance suitable to go beyond the computer into the light of day, we found time to design our own typeface. The basis and starting point was the leaven in the form of letters designed when creating our own logo. The modules we used to build the sign were circle and dash, which is something like zero and one. We also cut our letters on such simple foundations.

YOIOMI Headlines font Title Case
YOIOMI Headlines font Title Case

The YOIOMI Effect

In this way we managed to create one starter variety. The original typeface for headers dedicated to our visual identity. Fontself has proved to be a very helpful tool that we recommend for convenient and intuitive font construction. https://www.fontself.com It is a very Adobe environment friendly add-on that can help you build font step by step and glyph by glyph using drag & drop. Check it out for yourself.

Check it out. https://www.fontself.com/blog/design-a-color-font-with-illustrator-fontself-in-one-afternoon

YOIOMI Headlines font Numbers and Special Glyphs

The Bright Future

We hope to develop our project and finally create a family of well-developed varieties to come out to users with something useful and above all elegant. We also hope that this was just the beginning of the big bang, and the rest will go in a much calmer atmosphere that supports diligence and creativity.

YOIOMI Headlines font Poster 2020
YOIOMI Headlines font Poster 2020

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