Do you want to find your dream job after graduation? These 8 pieces of advise will help you with it!
Artdemia - galeria sztuki online
YOIOMI Studio introduces the concept of Artdemic to enthusiasts of Internet art and technology.
Adored by consumers, sometimes can become a pitfall for agencies. So, what are the things we should remember about during organization to avoid setbacks?
Kubek, zeszyt, długopis, wizytówki, karton Eagle Eye Staffing Solutions
Photo by Natalia Zięba Employer Branding becomes more and more popular not only in graphic and digital design, but in general. The question is, do employers themselves know how to take advantage of Employer Branding and use it efficiently? More...
YOIOMI logo variations – YOIOMI Studio Every day we have a somewhat mysterious and indefinite idea about it. It is something that we still barely feel and at the same time we are convinced that this is what it looks...
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