Employer Branding in practice.

Photo by Natalia Zięba

Employer Branding becomes more and more popular not only in graphic and digital design, but in general. The question is, do employers themselves know how to take advantage of Employer Branding and use it efficiently? More importantly, how to use it to attract new candidates and to maintain good relations with present and past employees?

Examples are everywhere. Take the one from the top – Deloitte created an interactive video with a dash of gamification for their potential candidates. You had to go through a rather unusual day of work and make decisions, which were crucial for keeping your position.

Thanks to that form, you could get to know company’s values in a very interesting way (http://www.raptmedia.com/customers/deloitte/). As you can imagine, this idea became popular not only among candidates.

Good practices manual.

On the other hand, there’s a Google Employer Branding strategy. Company’s image is all about being dynamic – there’s so many things that can be done! Communication itself is a key – the way it is handled, makes you forget that this is Google – world’s IT giant.

Google takes care of its employees since the recruitment process – each candidate has a chance to ask members of the team about bothering issues (in a survey) But that’s not all. There’s even a Hollywood production for this occasion. In a short video, such names as Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson tell us about company’s philosophy and culture.

Google takes care of its employees since the recruitment process – each candidate has a chance to ask members of the team about bothering issues (in a survey)

Have you watched The Internship? The greatest ones can afford to produce a Hollywood comedy with a star cast 🙂 Photo by press materials

W wielu korporacjach przykłady dobrego employer brandingu można mnożyć. Na wiele z tych pomysłów trzeba przeznaczyć spory budżet.
Co jeżeli nasza firma jest mała, a wciąż chcemy dobrze zaprezentować się nowemu pracownikowi.

One of the basic elements of the strategy of large and smaller companies is certainly the Welcome Package, i.e. welcome gifts waiting for a new employee on the first day of his work. One of the examples is in our home yard. Eagle Eye Staffing Solution has prepared a number of gadgets needed by recruiters from the very first day of their work.

Photo own materials

Such a Welcome Pack is to make the first weeks of their work more pleasant for recruiters, which are often difficult (implementation, familiarization with the organization of work), and to tell more about the culture and philosophy of the organization in which I find myself.

Welcome pack has one more important task, it is to tell the new team member on behalf of the entire company: “We are glad that you are with us.”

Welcome pack for Eagle Eye employees. An example of a good Employer Branding. Photo by Natalia Zięba

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